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No relationship in life will have as much impact on you as your relationship with your spouse or partner. They have the ability to make bad days good and the best days awful. Couples counseling is a step in getting your relationship where you want it to be. To be able to find the support you want and build the relationship you long for.

At Life Counseling and Wellness Center, we strive to help couples, families, and individuals live fuller and more meaningful lives. Through collaborative effort, we integrate goals with current habits, develop communication skills, and help build lives based on internal values. Every person we work with is an expert in their own lives. We take their expert knowledge and apply our skills to bring about amazing results.

"David is a well-prepared guide, walking with couples to navigate the emotional and psychological steps to help strengthen and  enhance the relationship."  
             - Amy Jones, MA (Co-Therapist)


Mission Statement

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Anti-bullying non-profit organization.

Addiction Help

Find a local group for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Learning Foundations

"We teach students how to master learning, while we coach them for confidence!"

  • Counseling and tutoring for learning challenges including: ADD/ADHD, CAPD, sensory-processing, and dyslexia.

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Sometimes it is hard to see the beauty of life.  We frequently deal with disappointments, discouragement, loneliness, and other problems that get in the way of a fulfilling life.  Individual counseling will help reconnect with what matters.

Families are the core of who we are.  Whether you are a parent needing guidance or working through some emotional trauma we are here to help you.  There is peace and love to be found.