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Group Counseling

At Life Counseling and Wellness Center we offer two types of groups, process groups (which are often known as group therapy) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), life-skills group.  DBT is a semi-structured group for people to talk about their problems.

Group therapy is useful because we tend to recreate the same dysfunctional patterns in group as we do in the rest of our lives.  This allows us to get a better understanding of the patterns and to see ourselves as others see us.  Group therapy is a great place to try out new patterns and test new behaviors. It is also a good place to find support.

Process Groups
Depending on interest, several process groups are available at Life Counseling and Wellness Center.  Some of these include; substance use, anger management, parenting, trauma recovery and couples.  Each group provides a unique opportunity to try new behaviors and gain collective insight into our problems.

The groups start as an open group for two weeks, which means that anyone can join.  After two weeks, the group becomes closed for 10 weeks, which means that there will be no new members until the end of the cycle.  A closed group increases safety and consistency.
Each session runs 1.5 hours and costs $45 per session.

DBT Group
This course is a skills-based group.  It is designed to help people with self-harming behavior, intrusive thoughts, intense or overwhelming feelings, trauma, and benefits anyone who is in the early stages of recovery.

DBT was originally developed by Marsha Linehan to work with individuals dealing with borderline personality disorder.  Since then, it has been used to treat a wide variety of disorders.  It is also beneficial to those without a formal diagnosis.  Anyone who gets frustrated, deals with people or gets overly distracted can benefit from DBT.

The DBT life-skills group teaches the four basic skills of DBT, which include:
- Mindfulness
- Distress Tolerance
- Interpersonal Effectiveness and
- Emotional Regulation

The course is taught in three segments.  Each segment lasts 8 weeks.  The first 2 weeks of each segment focuses on Mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a core component to DBT.  It enables you to use the other skills.  During these 2 weeks the group is open.  The next 6 weeks are focused on Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Effectiveness or Emotional Regulation.  During these 6 weeks the group is closed.  

DBT is a great additional resource to individual therapy.  The skills transfer well between your personal and professional life.

Each session runs 1.5 hours and costs $45 per session.

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