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Family Counseling

Our family is often our greatest support.  These are the people who love us no matter what.  Sometimes, however, our family can be the greatest source of stress. You may find yourselves struggling through the same arguments, dealing with a lack of communication, fighting about chores, school, work and whatever the topic of the day may be.
Family therapy is a wonderful way to work out these struggles. Family therapy gives you a safe place to talk about the different problems that you’re dealing with.  You  will develop skills in communication and gain insight.

We work with a variety of families including, biological families, step-families, blended families, foster families and more.  Each family is unique and bring different strengths to the counseling office.
We approach families as a system. We use different techniques which depend on your family and what will work best for you. These techniques include traditional talk therapy, Genograms (a map of your family and the interactions between family members), art therapy, family sculpting, role-plays and others. Together we find family patterns, strengthen patterns that are beneficial and work on decreasing harmful patterns.

Because this is family therapy, we ask that everyone in the family who is currently living at home attend each session. There are times when it will be helpful to see one or a few of the family members; however, most of the time, we will want to work with everyone to create a family who is whole.  Even if the “problem” is with one person, the others in your family will provide context and insight.  
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