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9 Essentials for the Love and Logic Classroom®

At Durtschi Counseling, we value educators and the hard work you provide our students everyday.   My wife is an educator and I see first-hand the work teachers put into their classroom.  There have been many nights my wife comes home, exhausted, wanting answers to help behavior and management in her classroom.   My degree is in counseling and we decided to meld the two worlds – counseling and education. 

During my graduate work, I became a Love and Logic ® independent facilitator and learned that allowing kids choices and empowering them to solve problems was key to management. 

From my wife, Melissa’s, point of view, “It has given me the tools to handle management in my classroom. It has become second nature and lets the kids make a choice to redirect without feeling like we are in a power struggle.”

We are providing training in 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® to educators and staff in your building.  This training will provide specific training in 9 skills for teachers to implement in their classroom.  The training includes hands-on, video representations, discussion, and first-hand experience.  My wife and I teach the class together – which allows for the theoretical counseling perspective and the hands-on application in the classroom.

The trainings are for any staff or teachers that are new to the classroom or want to brush up on effective classroom management.  It is a one day, 8-hour, in-service training.  The cost is $80.00 per participant or $65.00 for groups over 12; included in that price are a participant handbook and a classroom poster.  My wife and I will also follow up with each participate following the training.

Your staff and teachers will walk away with tools necessary to begin their Love and Logic® journey with their students.

We look forward to working with you,

David Durtschi, MA, NCC                                                             Melissa Durtschi, certified teacher                          

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In-service for Teachers:  One day, 8-hours
    • 9 Essential Skills for the                              Love and Logic Classroom®

      1 hour presentation for PTCO groups - FREE
      • Presents 2 of the skills within                    Parenting with Love and Logic®

      Referral Provider - when you refer families to us, we give them the first session free.