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Here at Life Counseling and Wellness Center, we are dedicated to helping people find the peace and happiness they are searching for through counseling.

David Durtschi has served the Parker area since 2014. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Registered Psychotherapist, Nationally Certified Counselor and graduate of the University of Colorado, Denver.  He has worked with drug and alcohol addiction through the Salvation Army and couples and individuals through Noeticus Counseling Center.

David and his wife, Melissa, are the parents of four children.  They enjoy the antics and bustle of family life.  Frequently visited locations include the Denver Zoo and the  Denver Science and History Museum, where their children run circles around them.

He has a passion for helping people take control of their lives. 

Why I became a counselor

I worked for years as a massage therapist. Anytime a client met with me for more than three visits, I would hear their life story. I would listen quietly as they shared their personal experiences. I knew massage would help their stress temporarily; however, the source of the stress was deeper. In order to fully recover, they would have to learn new coping skills for their life situation. I knew at that time I didn’t have the tools necessary to help them see their life in a new way and make the necessary changes. 

This really hit home when one of my good friends, who was also a client, revealed that she had been raped two years previously.  I wanted to help her but didn’t know what to do. This inspired me to go back to school so I could help those like my friend. 

Meet David Durtschi, MA, NCC