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Adolescents are frequently resistant to going to therapy set up by their parents.  We are familiar with this resistance and provide a safe and empowering environment which allows them to feel in control.  We use a variety of techniques based on the needs of your teen.

Our theoretical orientation is client centered and strength based. We use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, family systems and Solution Focused Therapy. Our treatment involves traditional talk therapy and can also include homework, art therapy, recommended readings, mindfulness techniques and journaling.  We work collaboratively with your teen to fill their needs and the needs of the family.

Finding someone who connects with your teen is important to the therapy and healing process.  If you would like to come in for a free consultation, please contact us.

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New school
Death and Loss
Becoming part of a Step Family

Development of effective coping skills
Developing motivation and strength

Addiction:  Drug, alcohol, gaming, sex
Anger Management
Sexual Abuse
Eating Disorders

Teenage years are full of excitement, changes and difficulties. You or your teen may be struggling with the transitions that occur as a child becomes an adult.  During this time you may wonder if you are the only person struggling.  Many of these changes and difficulties are normal. Adolescents test boundaries, try different roles, explore sexuality and argue as they navigate towards becoming the type of adult they want to be.  A professional can give you tools to deal with the ongoing change and comfort when things are hard.  Some changes your teen may be struggling with include:

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